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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
You know your day got ruined when you start throwing around vague, unsupported theses like "BUT DA VARIABLES AREN'T CONSIDERED".
Yeah because we know the strongest and fastest guy who can jump the highest always wins in MMA. This is the guy championing MMA skills on the one hand, while lampooning HWs on the other. Right, Jon Jones doesn't need to have raw athleticism because he's a smart fighter who knows how to use his body (see Stefan Struve). His best attribute is that he 'studies' just like Anderson Silva studies.

MMA is one of the sports where intelligence and technique overcome pure athleticism more so than most sports.

Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
Women aren't more agile than men, on HS agility tests the national standard is 2 seconds lower for men then women.

Flexibility deteriorated rapidly with age in both genders, and such a thing isn't measured statistically.

It flexibility is the best you got in terms of athletic achievement then
The point is exactly to show that you can't quantify everything and that men and women's physiology is different. I guarantee more women will be able to pull off rubber guard than men, this is one area where women's MMA could be different and go in a different direction, but it doesn't count because they don't have penises.

Megumi has arguably more relevant MMA skills than many of the fighters at UFC 1. By what you've said in this thread you value skill over size, so which is it?

Kimo would only beat Megumi based on size and power. So is he more deserving of being watched than her?

Are gorilla fights better to watch than human fights?
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