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Originally Posted by Ari View Post
Looking back on my post I could have used less colorful language and could have been more polite in my correspondance. For that, I sincerely apologize. (rep sent your way)

However, my arguement in general and my opinion of the fight still stand. I'm sorry but like it or not, what Condit used was a gameplan and it worked great. It won him four rounds against an opponent many thought he would lose to. You're looking at Condit/Diaz as a pure fight instead of a sport/contest, which is what it is. That's what I take an issue with. These are athletes liscensed by an athletic commission, not tough guys picked off the street.

Your arguement about Condit being mentally weak doesn't make much sense at all. At least to some degree I can understand your first argument, but Condit is not by any means mentally weak for altering his usual fighting style. That's called intelligence, not mental weakness.
I'm not labeling Condit as mentally weak, for me he showed weakness in that particular fight. Interim title, main event, dangerous opponent... and he was a different fighter, in many people's opinions not for the better. Diaz can be emotional, he frustrated Nick and got the win... just. Will he have the same dilemma entering an even bigger fight, will he risk his reputation again?

The point of most martial arts is to disable your attacker, the quicker the better, the more damaging the better. UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship. Fighting is a contest, there is no purer sport. Sure there are rules, but those rules are there purely so you can't inflict too much damage when doing the disabling bit.

People have different philosophies on what makes a good fighter and what wins fights, Condit did not care if he didn't hurt Diaz all night he just wanted to look busy and make contact in the safest ways possible. I don't respect that.

Fighting, sport, contest, martial arts, whatever you want to call it. Before the fight, they all say how they want to and will, finish the fight. Only afterwards is a decision victory so acceptable, when they and their team know they tried their best. Unfortunately Condit looked like he trained to get the nod, not the finish. That's obviously fine with some people, but I've trained in several disciplines and his tactics were hard to watch for me.

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