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Originally Posted by ACTAFOOL View Post man, im probably the biggest AS nuthugger here and i have to say **** you champion has the right to just stop defending their belt whenever they want, hes really starting to become a little bitch, GOAT or not stop complaining and demanding so much crap and defend your belt man

i still want him to destroy everyone and ill never NOT be a Anderson fan but hes really being a ***** latley and theres no way to deny it, my only hope is that hes just saying these things so Dana really pushes the GSP fight and this is just some Anderson mind games

if not then strip him of the belt since he doesnt want to fight and just wants will ruin the MWs division credibility but there really wont be another option

Type what ever make you feel better buddy... But You are no Silva Fan....

A real fan has a fighters back who has gone 16-0 in the UFC and wants to take some time off at the age of 38... Heck maybe he might want to retire, god for bid if he does. He been fighting for more then half of his life. I can't stand fake posters like you...

At least Legion makes it known he hates him....
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