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Originally Posted by TheNinja View Post
Type what ever make you feel better buddy... But You are no Silva Fan....

A real fan has a fighters back who has gone 16-0 in the UFC and wants to take some time off at the age of 38... Heck maybe he might want to retire, god for bid if he does. He been fighting for more then half of his life. I can't stand fake posters like you...

At least Legion makes it known he hates him....
Lol who the hell are you to question me? Check my post history then ive always been in love with this man, im brazilian, Anderson is a god among men, im always his fan but i always call a spade a spade

Ive done this my whole life, doesnt matter of its my girlfriend, my best friend, my family, if you're wrong im going to call you out on it i dont pat ppl on their back no matter what they do just because i like them

Anderson like it or not is still under contract, he still is an active healthy champ so his job is to defend his belt...16-0 yeah thats awesome, ive followed his career way before the UFC and i always thought he was amazing but that doesnt matter, what hes doing is wrong you cant just not fight for a year because you dont feel like it, theres no fighter on earth i would support doing that, i cant just take a break from my job and responsibilites for a year, it doesnt matter that his job is getting punched in the face, thats what he chose and IF hes healthy, wich he seems to be, then he doesnt have the right to do this no matter what hes done in the octagon

The guy is from the city i live in, ill always root for him, but hey...unless this is just some crazy tactic of his, e IS being a bitch
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