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Originally Posted by osmium View Post
It doesn't take that long to film a movie and he is including the GSP fight in there. So basically he is talking about fighting GSP at the beginning of 2013 taking like 2 or 3 months off to film a movie and open a business and then defending his title. So really he is going to miss one fight and you people are insane. Bisping and Vitor don't even deserve title shots.
To hear his fans tell it no one deserves a shot at him.

Knock out a guy whose been ranked in the top five/ten for about five years? Sorry you don't have a name, beat the Beallator Champ right after that? Nah, you just got lucky, as if it's Boetsch's fault Okami just froze when he came at him or the judges gave him the fight.

Completely murk the number three Middleweight in the world in every aspect of MMA and beat a guy who finished Chael Sonnen who everyone considers the number two Middleweight in the world? Oh wait, you only have 9 fights, or Munoz was overrated remember when he got knocked out by Matt Hamill lolol, when the oh so great Anderson Silva got finished by Takase and Ryo Chonan of all people.....

This guy hasn't earned the right to put an entire division on hold, if he has no interest in fighting Weidman or Boetsch then leave and go to 170, he wants to beat up the smaller welterweight coming off an torn ACL of all injuries but he's completely terrified of a fight with Jon Jones, throwing out shit like "I want fifty percent of the UFC." He doesn't even train with Jones!

It's been bad enough with Cruz, GSP, and Aldo getting hurt, not to mention the Heavyweight title was on the shelf for a whole year recently as well, now we have a perfectly healthy Champion just refusing to fight? I'd love for someone to explain how that works out to me. I bet if Bones Jones wanted to take a year off the Silva nuthuggers would be all over his shit.

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