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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
Late 2013 is a year yes. He last defended the Middleweight title in July so if he doesn't fight until 2013 that belt goes a year without a defense just because Anderson wants to fight roided up never was Light Heavyweight's and Welterweights.
It is all speculation. People get their panties in a bunch any time Anderson talks. He said he wouldn't fight Chael again because he "didn't deserve it"...he did. He said he would never fight Bones...but said yes, that fight is possible. Lets not get all mad over something that hasn't even happened yet.

Perhaps if someone worthy came to 185 he would fight them. At this point he wants big fights...he doesn't have that many left. All good fighters take "big fights" at the end of their careers. Look at Fedor. Perhaps if Rashad wasn't such a little girl he would shed some pudge and make 185. He was just dismantled by the 205 champ, he is resorting to fight Lil Nog, and he is small for the weight. If he came down, I'm sure Anderson would fight him, he's a big fight.

Instead we have guys like 9-0 Chris Weidman trying to get a shot at the best ever. Is Weidman real good? Yea, but why would they hurry him? Why not build a name first? I was no fan of Brock getting a title shot, but he was a big name.

Condit has been holding the division up for a year now. They did a fake belt fight, he won. He watched GSP heal for a year. The WW fighters "got their hopes and dreams crushed" (my best LizaG impersonation) because Condit didn't fight anyone.

Jon Jones is fighting a 185er who hasn't had a fight....let alone win at 205 in YEARS. Now he is doing a reality show that will take months. Only to fight a 185er. Guys like Gustaf, Hendo, Machida are getting their "hopes and dreams crushed" as we speak. Jones is doing a show (what does he think he is a movie star? Steven Seagal?) and fighting a non 205er when Hendo is clearly the #1 contender and others are making names (Gustaf if he beats SHogun will have to wait 8 or 9 months to think about getting a title shot).

There you have it folks. All divisions have a bunch of crushed dreamers. At the hands of evil champs that aren't doing their jobs!

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