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Originally Posted by Anteries View Post
Hi, just wanted to throw out some thoughts and opinions. I'm a 40 year old Brit.

I have the utmost respect to Chung Lee for his recent knockout or Rich Franklin. great card and great entertainment, commiserations to Rich Franklin.

But I wish fighters wouldn't do that whole OMG I can't believe I knocked him out celebration, because it confirms my feeling that when two MMA strikers fight, it seems so random who wins. not only that during the fight is often so achingly tentative is almost horrible to watch. And then there's a flurry and one of the fighters goes down and I'm left thinking what does that really prove.

Also, I am ashamed to say, but I am getting a little squeamish about the brutality, particularly against fighters that you get to like over the years. I was genuinely worried for Rich Franklin when he went down.

Anyway onto the positive, I never thought I would say this, but I've really started to love watching dominant wrestlers. It almost seems like a non-violent martial art, but it's absolutely hilarious how a dominant wrestler can completely shut another fighter down. I give you the 'Stun Gun' to me that was the most enjoyable fight by a mile.
That just means you're a big fan, I was nearly reduced to tears after Alves/Kampmann and I still to this day refuse to watch that and BJ Penn vs. Nick Diaz. Even though those weren't KO's like Le/Franklin it's just a part of the sport. That Franklin KO was nasty though, especially the way he went down, complete face plant into the canvas.

And yeah, the Stun-Gun fight was awesome completely owned him in every aspect, Paulo's a pretty decent grappler too, Fitch/Silva and Stun-Gun/Paulo are good fights to watch for some exciting grappling.

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