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Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
Whoever hasn't read this hilarious article about Fujitas skull, do it:

Kind of see Overeem being the one to crack that mystery here as well. Cormier showed us how to put it out, Cain opened it up to see what's inside and Overeem will in fact make it explode.
This article is so winning...fluid nerd talk...hahah!

So it's no surprise that fight promoters decided to put him in the ring with Cro Cop. Take the man with the crazy hard head and put him in the ring with the guy who kicks heads crazy hard. The result might surprise you: partially exploded head.

Cro Cop proved that Fujita's head is living tissue over a metal endoskeleton, and then Fedor proved that it will surrender if you start to sever it from its body. But Japanese fight promoters still hadn't gotten a chance to see someone just pound on it until it cracked. Will it explode when you expose its core? Is it filled with something that you can **** with an octopus? That's when it hit them: Wanderlei Silva. That guy hates skulls.

The Reem will use the FFS against Big Foot.

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