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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
Chael Sonnen is a point fighter.

GSP's also regarded as a point fighter and he's the biggest draw in MMA now that Brock has left us.

Basically, you CAN be a point fighter if you have charisma, which both guys do. Chael Sonnen has the largest arms and the most charm and GSP has riddum. Kinda like Floyd Mayweather who is the King of PPV, it's all about charisma.
I agree with this.

But as a whole, it will always be more popular to not be a point fighter. Those are 2 extreme examples.

Chael has the biggest mouth in the history of MMA. Of course he will have big exposure even if he sucked ass.

GSP is the face of Canada. A country that loves and embraces MMA. Other than Rory he is basically their only star. GSP will always do huge numbers because of that. He has the backing of a whole country.

Those are extreme examples. You CAN create a huge draw out of it. But you have to be in certain situations. Not every guy can talk like Chael nor wants to. Not every guy can rep a country like GSP does in MMA. Even if Brock was a wrestler who didn't finish. Just wrestled. He would still of been a HUGE draw because he was a famous pro wrestler. His physique. Not everyone in MMA can be a former WWE star and one of the biggest guys out there. Again it would have been a extreme situation. But Lesnar was a HW and finished fights...or got finished...haha

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