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Originally Posted by cdtcpl View Post
I understand, but my statement is towards anyone who has worked hard for something without, or with very little, reward and recognition. When it finally comes for them I don't blame them for trying to get everything from it.

There are many more MMA fighters who deserve attention and credit, and when they do get it I will be happy for them. I also expect them to take it for everything they can get.
Yeah I know what you are saying, it's nice to see fighters get rewarded for years of hard work. Especially when they have been around since the early, early days before it was cool and there was no money or recognition in it. Chael was also a very important training partner for alot of guys over the years. I know I'm singling out Chael again. When it comes to him specifically, like I mentioned I think he has been more then compensated. But like you also mention there are a ton of guys out there that have been pouring all they have into the sport and never got what they deserved. So in that sense, it's nice to see someone is able to cash in on his labor. Sorry again for taking your statement and applying it to a single fighter when that wasn't your intention.
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