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Originally Posted by OUSOONERSOU View Post
That is one of the things I find the most frustrating about him. When he "breaks character" and is just being himself he seems like an insightful, respectful and hard working man. I remember Matt Serra going down to Chael's and spending some time with him and having it all on video and it was some pretty good stuff. I have seen tons of other interviews where Chael is being himself without the gimmick. If he didn't have this character he portrayed it would be tough not to like him. But I not only hate the character he created, I hate that he feels he needs to use that character and I hate how he is rewarded for being that character. The interview with Serra he talked about how he respected Paulo Filho for sending him the WEC belt even though technically it wasn't a Championship fight. There are other examples, but when he is being real he can be very pleasant.
I have no problem with Chael doing what he does if that's what works for him. He's gotta do what he's gotta do to get ahead.

I do have a problem with the people who cultivate the environment in which that is what you have to do to get ahead. It starts with the Zuffa bigwigs and goes all the way down to the fans who propagate every single interview and tweet Chael (and the people who followed his lead) produces.
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