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Originally Posted by OUSOONERSOU View Post
Trust me. Hunt is very twitter friendly. He is out until 2013. My list would be more like:
3.Rothwell rematch
4.Struve rematch
5.AA rematch
I guess I'm just not big on Gonzo at all. Not that huge on Kongo either, but I think that is a better fight standing.

Gonzo really is a BJJ fighter as much as he tries not to be sometimes. His striking really is average as hell and I think it lives through the CC head kick. Thing about pulling Gonzo off that card is it is a Brazil card. They would like to have him on it. Plus that isn't the most fair thing, guy is scheduled in January and you cut his camp a month short. HWs aren't typically always in fighting shape.

Would love an AA rematch, but I would be surprised if they did that.

Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
He's a roid abusing heavyweight who's suffering the effects of bad karma.
I agree with this. He hasn't fought in a year and a half. Last time out he got pounded. 2nd to last time out he couldn't make it past 1 round without gassing. He has massive power, but I never thought that much of him. Now at age like 38 and a year and half off with surgeries, I doubt he is much of anything.

Not a fan of Carwin. And I haven't watched much of the show, but I thought it was pathetic how Carwin and Dana trashed ROy on it and made him look stupid. Roy himself said he and Carwin had no problem and they were both very respectful behind the scenes. Yet Carwin goes on record saying how it would be a pleasure to beat up Roy. And how bad of a coach Roy is. They had no ratings so they figured they would edit it in a way that made Carwin look like a great man and Roy like a trailer park idiot.

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