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Originally Posted by RedRocket44 View Post
Kampmann, Hendricks, Marquardt, Diaz.

Then Ellenberger if he bounces back with a few wins.

If GSP wins, he would have the winner of Kampmann / Hendricks in early 2013 (March / April). Diaz can return in February, so that could set up a potential summer GSP/Diaz fight if GSP beats the winner of Kampmann / Hendricks.

I think there's a lot left for GSP at 170 still - I'm just not a fan of stalling the division for another 3-4 months to have a GSP/Silva fight.
There has to be a loser of Kampmann/Hendricks. So no, both aren't going to be in line.

Like I said. Diaz needs a win. What if he fights Kos and loses?

Marquardt? He isn't even in the UFC and who knows if uncle Dana even will take him back.

So how is the division getting all held up when there is only 1 legit contender and that will be the winner of the co-main?

You are telling me people would be mad if Diaz didn't get a shot immediately after he wins a fight?

I'm not saying there isn't any guys that can potentially fight for the title. I am saying as of now there isn't some line. No one is getting held up here. At least in my opinion...and I'm a big Diaz fan. All the divisions have been held up. HW, LHW, FW, BW. All of them.

Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
The welterweight title, not no interim title because those are basically glorified number one contender spots, will have one defense from April 2011 to April 2013 if GSP fights Anderson.

That's just kinda stupid for a belt to only be defended once in that amount of time. People can give Condit shit all they want, but do they really consider him to be the Champ? I don' least not yet.
I don't consider him the champ either. He isn't. But obviously the UFC doesn't care. Condit very easily could have gotten a fight in before this one. But he sat tight.

All I know is there isn't some long line of guys who are waiting. Kampmann/Hendricks winner is the only fighter with a legit beef if Anderson fights GSP next. And who cares? Either of those guys fighting GSP isn't on my wish list. The top guys like Kos and Fitch have got shots. Rory won't fight him. Marquardt isn't even in the UFC. Diaz needs 1 fight and even then shouldn't be mad over waiting. Maia isn' ready needs at least 2 wins.

I understand it has been a while. But if there really isn't some line of contenders then what is the problem with doing a superfight? Other than the co-main winner...guys have 1, 2, 3 fights to go before they deserve it anyway. At least in my opinion I don't see the problem here.

Champs routinely do the TUF show and bottle up divisions each year anyway. I could go through my whole LHW beef, but I won't.

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