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Originally Posted by RedRocket44 View Post
I didn't say both Kampmann / Hendricks would be in line.

1. GSP beats Condit
2. GSP fights winner of Kampmann / Hendricks in March-April 2013.
3. GSP fights Diaz in June-August.

Diaz returns in Feb, and could potentially have a fight around the same time as GSPs first fight in 2013. Plus, I don't care if Diaz gets a shot after his loss to Condit. They were already going to give him a shot before he fought Condit. Plus, it would sell a ton of PPVs and I want to see that Stockton hillbilly get f*cked up by GSP.
I understand that you have a nice plan there. But fighters get hurt. GSP fights say Hendricks. Diaz loses to Kos. Then what? Kos gets it?

I mean everyone can have their own opinion. But it baffles me that people would rather watch GSP destroy Kampmann/Hendricks over a SIlva fight. I mean what is 3 or 4 months more of stalling it? Watch GSP fight Hendricks next then one of them pulls out anyway.

The plan is nice, but nothing ever happens that easy. Why not do the superfight while they can? Won't be the end of teh world if Kampmann or Hendricks takes a break. Condit just sat out for 9 months to wait for GSP. Happens all the time.

Barao seems to be waiting for Cruz...

Aldo was just out over a year...

Hendo got hurt and got his spot filled by the 2nd best MW coming off a loss..and he gets to wait until Bones does the dumb TUF show and then recovers from his fight. The winner of Machida/Hendo gets to wait 7 or 8 months until they get their shot whole Bones takes on a 185er...
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