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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
I'm betting your little rules are not ones the government enforces. It keeps the company from being legally liable and the company's have every right to ask you not to partake of illegal, judgement impairing substances while you work for them. Just as you have every right to not comply and then you have every right to fill out your Unemployment paperwork.

If enough people at a job want to rebel against something like what drugs you can take while working there the company isn't going to change it's policies. It's just going to find new non-stoned employees. That is it.

Now I am done. Your side of the argument is skewed at best and I don't feel like debating your unrequited crush Diaz with you again. Even tangentially.

Problem is pot is illegal in Nevada - where the fight took place. That is all the Commission looks at. And getting that card is ridiculously easy. You can walk into most doctor's office and damn near ask for one. In Diaz's case it's not really a medical issue. He just likes to get stoned. Every illegal drug gets tested for. They aren't really considered PEDs but they are on the forbidden list anyway. It's an image and safety thing.
I thought both Diaz brothers had "anxiety"?

Pot certainly isn't a performance enhancer, but neither is meth and they're both illegal, granted meth is much more dangerous but that's just how the dice roll. It's not allowed in the NFL either, I would suggest it's a public image thing but then TRT is allowed.

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