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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
I'm betting your little rules are not ones the government enforces. It keeps the company from being legally liable and the company's have every right to ask you not to partake of illegal, judgement impairing substances while you work for them. Just as you have every right to not comply and then you have every right to fill out your Unemployment paperwork.

If enough people at a job want to rebel against something like what drugs you can take while working there the company isn't going to change it's policies. It's just going to find new non-stoned employees. That is it.

Now I am done. Your side of the argument is skewed at best and I don't feel like debating your unrequited crush Diaz with you again. Even tangentially.

Problem is pot is illegal in Nevada - where the fight took place. That is all the Commission looks at. And getting that card is ridiculously easy. You can walk into most doctor's office and damn near ask for one. In Diaz's case it's not really a medical issue. He just likes to get stoned. Every illegal drug gets tested for. They aren't really considered PEDs but they are on the forbidden list anyway. It's an image and safety thing.
What drugs employees want to use in their own time is up to them, as long as it isn't affecting their work on the job, I don't see why such rules are enforced.

I can respect rules that are fair and logical. Nick Diaz has a license which permits the use of smoking marijuana. In his own time, Nick Diaz is entitled to smoke weed. This isn't like Nick had rolled up a joint in the locker room just before he was about to fight Condit and fought stoned. He most likely had cannabis in his system from weeks prior to the fight, maybe days even.

I don't smoke weed personally, but if people hold a job and want to smoke weed in their own time for what ever reason, then I have no problem with that. Now if people are turning up to work as high as a kite, red-eyed and stoned on the job, then it becomes a huge problem and you can make your way out of the door and never come back.

Rules are rules, but the rules are heavily flawed. How is it logical or in any way fair that a man like Alistair Overeem who was guilty of having ridiculous amounts of testostorone found in his system gets suspended for less time than a man who was smoking pot (and has a license for it), days or weeks prior to the fight?

That's corruption right there. Very evident corruption lying in the athletic drugs commission.

It isn't logical and it isn't fair.

PS - I'd rather have a crush on some one, than waste so much negative energy on hating some one you don't even know on a personal level. Your Diaz hate is very evident in any discussion that pops up about him, and quite frankly it's just sad.

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