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Originally Posted by Scorch
Well how hard and time consuming would in be to train (at the same time) in BJJ and Karate or Kickboxing? Like for me I am REALLY interested in BJJ so that is a must. But on top of that maybe six months to a year after I start BJJ, I was thinking about simultaniously doing Karate.

Would this interfere and contradic my training in BJJ? Or is it do able? (Just imagin I am a purple belt in BJJ and begin Karate as a White belt; During a sparing session during class I woop up some poor dude)
I'm taking Karate (Shotokan) and BJJ right now. Theire completely compatible, and theres no striking in BJJ and no ground work in Karate. The farthest to the ground I ever go in Shotokan sparring is taking the opponent down and punching him while he's down, that gives 3 points. I usually have BJJ for two hours, and then an hour and a half of karate right after. The BJJ is my warm up, and theire both completely doable independently.
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