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Originally Posted by Hooligan222 View Post
6. Leben by KO, Lawler hasn't been himself for quite a while. Or maybe he just never was that good?

7. Masvidal by KO, Soti is just terrible.

8. Close fight, but I would take Thompson based on his latest showing against Melendez.

9. KJ Noons by UD, Gomi is just too old.
6.I think Robbie could beat Leben. I think he has the better wrestling if he really wanted to go that route and he also has the faster hands. But I think Leben could probably take whatever Robbie dishes out and eventually land the big one.

7. I think it would be competitive, but I lean Jorge as well.

8. This one is tough. I want to say Thompson would pull it off but I'm actually leaning toward Miller in this matchup. But I'd really like to see it play out.

9. I think it would be a fun fight while it last. I just think eventually KJ lands too many shots and Gomi won't be able to recover. But still, just sounds like a fun matchup IMO.
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