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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Ok, relax. Perhaps you should look into a medical marijuana card.

You missed my point completely because you decided to get all worked up. Which is funny. But, I mean literally people say "they would love it if Diaz got laid on for 3 rounds by Kos or Fitch".

I mean whatever floats your boat. But I like to watch great fights above all else. Odd to me that people can get so wrapped up in hating a guy.

There is actually a video out there which has fighters ranging from Mark Munoz to Rousey to Koscheck saying how they respect the guy, or that he is a really good guy behind the scenes. Even GSP mentions that he is a smart guy. But what would his peers know.

I'm just surprised how many grown men get caught up in the soap opera, getting so emotional about personalities.

I'm here for the fights...
I'm sure Nick and Nate for that matter are decent people outside of the cage and aren't total dickheads to people, but when Nick does shit like quit after the Condit fight it makes him look like a child.

Really, that's what he did, it's like a child losing at a video game and tossing the controller to the floor. As for Condit, win, lose, or draw, preferably win, I hope he gets that Kampmann fight back. Condit/Kampmann 1 was a super close fight and I'd love to see five rounds of it if the rematch would be anything like the first one.

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