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Originally Posted by OUSOONERSOU View Post
If you have good wrestling you can control where the fight takes place. That's a problem some BJJ guys have in MMA, they aren't able to get the fight to the ground where they have the advantage. Wrestlers can put strikers on their back where they aren't as comfortable and they can also stay standing vs BJJ guys. Guys like Chuck Liddell used wrestling to avoid being taken down so they could work their standup. IMO wrestling is the best base possible for MMA. Another thing that helps is being in grappling shape and running shape are very different.
Look at guys like Cole Konrad and Daniel Cormier for wrestlers with bellies lol. That won't get in the way. Actually wrestlers are the best people to talk to about cutting weight. So if you ever had to cut weight down the line they would be able to help out alot with that.
Ok this was big help I look if in my ity is any wrestling trainings And yes Chuck Liddell rock
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