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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Thats the problem, whether he gets taken down. I think both could hold him down pretty successfully. Its just getting him down thats the problem. If it stays standing Andy should school them both.
Anderson isnt the toughest to take down. Especially since both of those guys are quiet amazing wrestlers.

GSPs times his shorts perfectly and they are extremely fast. Jon Jones is massive and has great trip and throw takedowns. Both of them have a very good chance at taking Anderson down. Anderson has certainly improved his take down defense but it still isnt better then Lyotos,Rampages,Rashads,Baders. I dont recall Jon Jones trying to take Rashad down but out of those 4 the only ones that Jon Jones struggled to get down was Rampage.
And in the Chael Sonnen fight Anderson Silva held on to Chaels shorts an unreal amount of time. Whether they were in the middle of the octagon or against the fence of the octagon. And when you hold someones shorts it creates a barrier similar to underhooks which makes it incredibly hard for someone to shoot for a takedown without breaking the grip on the shorts first. Now GSP wears those really tight shorts so there wont be much to grab. And Jones does not rely on shots too much but instead he relies on throwing people or tripping them or taking them down. So holding on to his shorts might actually play against Anderson.

That Said Anderson i extremely talented and smart. I imagine his TDD will be ALOT better by the time he steps in the octagon with either.

Anyway im off to work. Bye bud.
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