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Mutants in the UFC!!

Basically two related questions:
1. Are individuals who have a naturally occurring, highly unusual feature of their physicality which allows them an advantage in MMA allowed to compete in the UFC?

2. Will genetically modified (ie. Potential designer babies; fetus screening techniques) humans be allowed to compete in the UFC?

To 1,
I immediately think the answer is yes, looking at Jon Jones' reach, or Anderson Silva's sexy brain. But where is the line drawn? What if someone has a bony deformity on their knee, which contrary to all the odds, turns out to enhance performance and especially the athlete's ability to effectiveness his opponent gamer?

To 2,
It seems obvious yes, but again, what about when things get crazy and we can do stuff like "improve visual acuity!", or "add a bony tusk projecting from his shoulder!"? Where do you expect the line to be drawn?

Will it just be an MMA "revolution" like we've seen as the old guard is slowly eclipsed, until its clear that natural humans can't compete anymore?
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