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Originally Posted by WizeKraker View Post
I'm getting tired of these new school guys.. coming in with this bullsh*t "ill just wait" mentality. Its making it hard to watch..

you think Chuck Liddell would of waited? or Mark Coleman? Wanderlei? Couture? Frye?

but no you get guys today like Hendricks, Barao and Condit. who are shit scared of losing. No confidence in them self.

How many PPV's will Condit sell on Saturday?

now how many would it of been if he had 1-2 title defenses with that belt? instead of hiding in a closet clinging to it, because you know you are going to lose it, and don't deserve it in the first place.

guys like Condit. Hendricks. Barao. will Never be legends of the sport, not with that attitude.

Waiting Never works. Take the fight, Win, Move up. if you lose? well maybe you weren't ready to be there yet after all.
Agreed 100%.

It's GSP that's selling the PPVs, not Condit. Condit/Diaz had a buyrate of about 400,000. Without going back and looking, I'd be surprised if a numbered PPV with GSP had less than 750,000 since he was champion.

Condit has been my one of my favourite fighters to watch with GSP out, but he could have arguably defended his interim belt at least once since Feburary. 9 months is a long time between fights, and he's not even the real champion.

To be honest, I really dislike the idea of the interim belt all together. You didn't beat the champion, why should you get a fake belt to parade around?
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