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Originally Posted by RedRocket44 View Post
Agreed 100%.

It's GSP that's selling the PPVs, not Condit. Condit/Diaz had a buyrate of about 400,000. Without going back and looking, I'd be surprised if a numbered PPV with GSP had less than 750,000 since he was champion.

Condit has been my one of my favourite fighters to watch with GSP out, but he could have arguably defended his interim belt at least once since Feburary. 9 months is a long time between fights, and he's not even the real champion.

To be honest, I really dislike the idea of the interim belt all together. You didn't beat the champion, why should you get a fake belt to parade around?

The ONLY reason i see for Interim belts is if the champ is out, someone has to defend the belt. so this whole waiting thing kind of defeats the purpose all together. It's f*ckin stupid..

Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
It's not about being A "warrior" anymore, if it ever was, it's about being smart.

Can you imagine how Condit or Barao would feel if they went into a fight to defend the interim title and lost because of a grazing elbow forty seconds in that did no damage and the million dollar pay day Condit will be getting on Sunday just all of a sudden vanished?
Yes. that is a possibility, but so is him collecting a payday for defending his belt then earning an even larger payday for his fight with GSP. but for some reason he chose 1 smaller payday over x2.. That kind of lack of confidence in a fighter is really quite off-putting. IMO.

Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
Barao will also get paid when he fights Cruz they might put that on FOX and his sponsors will dish out the cash for sure, what if he fought Mayday and he blew his ACL or something like that during the fight or he got robbed by incompetent judges?
That's the kind of stuff that builds excitement. the risk/reward of it all. the high stakes is what makes people watch. Fighters can barely make it through a training camp without getting injured. It's part of the Job.

Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
Yeah, this whole "well it's about being a warrior" bullshit is just that, bullshit, I'm sure we've got some parents on here and I assure you, that they understand Condit's reason to wait, to provide for his family and the fat check he gets on Saturday will do that for his wife and son.
Sure, some will agree. But i doubt they are the same people who have seen the great fighters of the past. sure the fighters of today are more technical in more aspects, but somewhere along the way they lost the "Bullshit Warrior" as you call it.. or Passion for Fighting as i call it.

Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
Besides, Condit was gonna defend it anyway, remember? Instant rematch with Diaz that went up in smoke(see what I did there) because Nick was too busy toking up days before the fight?
Its true Condit did eventually say he would agree to a rematch, as rumors of Diaz suspension started to swirl..

Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
This isn't 2002, it's 2012, there's serious money to be made in MMA, Condit and Barao are completely justified in their decisions. If you wanna get mad at someone go after Dana White and Joe Silva for not making them defend.
Serious money is to be made. Now which scenario makes more?

A. Win Interim Belt - wait 9 months - Title Unification
B. Win Interim Belt - Defend Title - Title Unification

now i am aware C also Exists
C. Win Interim Belt - Lose title - Climb Ladder.

But that is all part of the game. its a risk you take as a fighter, and the best will rise to the top.

But yes they are justified in there decisions. To each his own, if that is how they see fit to handle this situation. fair enough. But you cant deny there is a hint of cowardice in the choice they have made.
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