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Originally Posted by MMA-Sportsman View Post
No, I didn't miss your point, I was introducing mine. I am relaxed, maybe the post didn't showed it.
I actually consider you one of the most reasonable posters around here.

You're for the fights, I'm for the sport as a whole and sport wise I am tired of Nick Diaz middle fingers parade, despite him being a skilled fighter. I don't hate him, because I hate no one, I don't wish him bad things for his life at all. He is just bad energy and he spreads it, so I preffer my TV pixels don't gather to form Nick's face at my place. That's my opinion.

Every one will separate a given amount of life time to support fan clubs, researching over the net or visiting this forum. This is personal. Very hard to label who has a life who hasn't for so little we know about posters and their posts. I agree some fans are over the edge.

Exactly. What the OP suggests in this thread is almost planted troll material. I have called that little before as well.

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You missed it in that you said it would be dumb for people to root for guys they don't care for. But people literally said they would LOVE for Nick to get laid on for 3 rounds...and would love it basically for his reaction. Which is childish in its own right. That is why I say I am for the fights...because I would never wish that. That is dumb. I'm not interested in whos who, I'm interested in who and what is that cage. I like the personalities because you need some sort of lead up for the days in between fights. But it is really secondary. I respect Nick for the way he fights, for the way he trains, for the way "he is who he is".

As for Legion up there, No one here is acting like Nick portrays himself well through words. No one is saying he doesn't do unprofessional things. They go hand in hand. He doesn't express well through words....why would he after or up to emotional bouts (fights really, they are still fights)? I know a lot of people like this. You get outside of the suburbs and you see a lot of different people.

The beauty of Nick Diaz is the way he fights. The never back down attitude that he owns, not portrays. The way he trains is amazing for such a "thug". He is a professional in every way in how he trains and how he treats people in every day life. Just because he gets amped and angry during fight time...and does emotional things doesn't change that.

He does things in the ring. Retirement fraud was childish. But he gave Condit a hug right after that fight ended no matter how frustrated he was. His brother was nothing but nice to Cerrone after they fought even tho the build up was intense. He never really talks shit before a fight...he never goes so far to even say he will beat someone in at a presser. The things he does in the cage and around the cage make him even better to me because it shows that his emotion is real, like it or not. He is the same person all through his career. He never got the professional memo, but that is one of the reasons he is so good in my eyes.
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