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Originally Posted by jdun11
i wasnt trying to be a ****..i was just sayin i dont care what the stats were cuz i saw with my own eyes what happened..and diego won..the reason he won was because he landed the better shots..they were cleaner, and he basically gave karo a beating..i gave karo the 2nd round and the fight was up for grabs till about the 3 minute mark, but it looked like diegos relentless style of fighting really got to karo and diego just imposed his will after that...

Well if you didn't care about the stats then don't reply to the thread because when you say stuff like that it sounds pretty prickish lol. Yea I think Diego really pulled it off in the last 3 minutes showing the judges that he was still able to fight a couple more rounds and Karo was just pooped. Like I said before though, I think if Karo didn't look so tired in the last 2 rounds but still fought the exact same fight, I think the decision might have been different. When one fighter looks like he's ready to go home, then it's pretty hard to say he won I understand. Diego is a tough mofo and I wish this was a 5-rounder even though that would mean Karo would probably get TKOed. I don't wanna keep arguing but I'm telling you guys Diego punches were nothing compared to Karo's jabs. Karo rarely missed and rocked Diego every time. I know Karo's face looked worse but that doesn't always mean what you think. Maybe I'm wrong about that cuz I wasn't actually on the recieving end of them but they sure looked painful. I don't understand how Diego got so energized in the last 3 minutes though. Do you remember his post-fight talk to Joe Rogan? He couldn't even talk. He was so wore out. I wish they would have talked to Karo at the end too.

Some of you guys have only seen the fight once or twice, if you guys watched it the way I did you might understand what I am trying to say better. If you can do what I did, then I would highly reccomend it. It makes the fight so much different. I do it to a lot of good action-packed fights and you'd be surprised what you miss when you're favoring a fighter. And when you watch the exchanges in slo-mo you see which punches ACTUALLY connect and which didn't, whereas the same exchange in real time may look completely one-sided, it's not always the case. It has a lot to do with camera angles too. If you're bored and got an hour to kill and got some fights on tape or DVD or TiVo, try it out.

Sorry jdun11 i thought you were trying to give me shit, didn't mean to flip out at you like that, i just took it in a different tone than you prolly intended.

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