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Originally Posted by dsmjrv View Post
Idiots ITT..

the reason chin strikes KO people so badly is simply because the chin is a point of leverage, (there is no special KO nerve)when punching someone in the face, hitting the chin increases the amount of torque delivered to the jarring of the brain... concussing certain areas of the brain, specifically the cerebellum, will cause knock outs and or the loss of equilibrium...
I think everyone knows that part. Your not telling us anything new. Atleast for me.

But for a long time now iv heard people say that there is a nerve that gets pinched when u get hit correctly in the jaw and it causes you to drop. Hell this is a VERY common beliefs since iv found like 3 different forums of people talking about the same thing. Not sure why someone believing this would make them an idiot.

There are alot of nerves running behind the jaw bones like the

hypoglossal nerve
vagus nerve
glossopharyngeal nerve

And probably more.

The idea is that the jaw bones hits the nerves at such force that it momentarily causes the brain to not receive the connection to these nerves and it shuts the body down. Something with interpreting it as a heart-attack.

Joe Rogan actually even talked about this nerve before during a fight.

I dont know if its true or not but its a VERY common belief nonetheless. And certainly does not make anyone stupid for believing in it. It makes sense after all.
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