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Those images were winning! I love GOOOLD!!!

Just got home from a tourney. Went busto with snowmen vs captain hooks, but won it back and some in a 1-2 ring game which I usually abhor. Learning the art of thin betting to extract maximum value from opponents.

Pots weren't too crazy as most seemed to be pretty conservative players. Off the top my head w/ a manual poker tracker...hah...hah.

Me small blind: Up and down with a 78 off. I pop it up to $5 preflop and get a caller.
Big blind calls.

Flop: 5 6 Q rainbow
I bet $5. Call.
Turn: 5
I check expecting a possible raise. card. :P
River: 4
I bet $20 and surprisingly guy only calls with trip 5's.
*NOTE* If he raised me hard on the turn I may have folded. A few others in the pot, but folded after the flop.

Pot about $60.

Prior hand which was my favorite.
Me: KJ off(danger hand)
I like to live dangerously so I pop it up to $5.
Player 1: Call
Player 2: Call

Flop: 8d 5d 2c
Check, check, I bet out $5, player 1 calls and player 2 folds.
Turn: Jh
Gin for me. Check, I bet out $10 this time player 1 flats again.
River: Qh

Player 2: Checks
Me: Most would have checked and opened, but I already put em on a mid pair. Also note how I've been C-betting all the way through. I bet out $25 and he hesitated for awhile before reluctantly calling with A8.

Pot: $95

Fun night of poker.

PS: I would rep 2x for the Steve Carrel gif...lolz, but it says I gotta hook up others'. Admins we should be able to rep multiple times.

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