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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
So Dana is an unprofessional amateur, what else is new?
I didn't say that. All I am saying is that if I were in the fighters position, I wouldn't want them telling anybody I backed out of a fight. I believe it should be the fighter or their management team who should disclose such info, not the promoter.

Originally Posted by prolyfic View Post
Love the topic.

I think there is nothing wrong with it. it is the equivalent to calling someon on their BS. If you turn down a fight, the only reason should be personal and not related to you not wanting to fight or not thinking the person is on your level. The problem is people turn down fights and don't want to say why or its a stupid reason. So Dana lets the world know. This is always in the back of fighters minds as far as do i really want everyone to know that I didn't want to fight this guy for THIS reason. So I think it keeps people honest. If the reason is personal I honestly think Dana would say it was personal issues and he wouldn't actually say what those personal issues are unless it was injury related. Fighters should have nothing to hide in respect to the fights and the business of fighting. I mean lets face it even their base salary is made public so you know its to be expected that everything else is gonna be center stage as well.
I'll agree that when it comes to personal issues Dana is a pretty fair dude. The way he handled Denis Hallman's last fight and paid him his money even though they cut him, was pretty honorable, giving the situation. Also I like the points you brought up in your post, but following that line of thinking it can sometimes fall into gray area. One person might think the reason is a lame personal reason, or that it is a lame professioal reason, while others might justify the reason as being valid. And I must say I'm not super pissed over this issue, but to be fair to all fighters, I just always felt it should be their decision to reveal they declined a fight. I don't think the promoter has a right to mention it.

This example I'm about to give might be a bad one, but I almost see this like an HR issue at my job. I wouldn't want to have a talk with my HR department, which was private, and all of a sudden they go out and CC'ing my whole department through email and divulging part of our convo. It really isn't anyone elses business to know what we spoke about. It should be kept confidential. That's why in my opinion, a fight offer between a promoter and a fighter should be kept confedential, if the fighter refuses to fight, unless the fighter opts to say, "Hey, I backed out for whatever reason."

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