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Originally Posted by OUSOONERSOU View Post
I think Rich would murder Gracie at this point. I don't think Gracie would be able to get Ace down and he would be in a world of trouble on the feet. I see a 1st round dominating TKO for Ace.

Tough matchup here, Pierce gave Kos fits and IMO Kos is a more complete fighter then Woodley. I'd go with Pierce because of his experience here.

I think Couture takes him down and subs him. I mean if you get sub'd by Marcus Davis, I'm sure Couture could pull it off.

Great fight to watch. I think Brown is just too tough though in the end.

I got LG all the way. I don't think Cyborg could finish him and we all know what happens when LG goes to the judges.

I think Josh takes him down and subs him, probably round 1.

I could see Kyle landing one of his early power shots. But I think more then likely Thiago lands a few flush punches and puts Kyle away.

I think Kennedy has a big advantage on the ground and IMO he would put Stann on his back for the entire fight. I think Kennedy is a bad matchup for Stann.

I think Rick Story is just too strong. I think he eventually wears him down and controls him by holding him against the cage.

I also like Thompson here. It would be a good fight though IMO.

Yeah I really think Rockhold vs Bisping would be a great matchup. Both guys are always in great shape, I'd love to see them in a 5 round fight.
You know....if this wasnt an MMA forum that last part could easily be taken out of made my day good sir, thank you
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