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This is great. I believe there a many whom exist in MMA already.

Dan Henderson is actually Colossus. Underneath his human flesh is metal alloy.

Pete Sells is the human form of Toad aka the mushroom in Mario Kart. Uncanny resemblance in his human head form.

BJ Penn has a perfectly spherical head equivalent to a Cabbage Patch Doll. It was made fairly indestructible for kids to play with. That is why he has a high pain threshold. His head is made of rubber. Hit it enough though and there will be some wear and tear.

The current LHW was molded as the first black Stretch Armstrong or aka Mr. Fantastic created by radiation. Unfortunately the latter is already taken by Phil Davis.

Greg Jackson is the last remnant of the Sith.

JDS is Sloth from Goonies who has abnormal human strength.

Nick Diaz lost a chromosome at birth so he technically is a mutant.

I can go on...but this proves that they do exist.

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