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He just signed those lucrative sponsorships so it probably hasn't kicked in yet. He could very well be the highest paid MMA fighter. As of those figures he is. Tito I think has $15million and Chuck slightly less. Yes based on Celebrity Networth. But you gotta remember this sport is fairly new. These figures were UNHEARD of a decade ago and a few years ago. I've done shows and the highest was $25k-$40k - ex-UFC fighters whom I won't mention. That was a deal too.

If you think about it that's a lot of money for a show where most make that in a year. So GSP and the current champs making millions is an incredible jump. Look at Tank Abbott, Ken Shamrock, Royce Gracie, Don Frye, etc...etc. They're negatives with the exception of Royce since he has a studio. But you know what I mean.

GSP is probably the first MMA true superstar surpassing Chuck and Tito. The only thing holding him back is his thick French accent otherwise he would be the next Van Damme 100%. He's represented by CAA whom I have a contact with if you know who they are. He's well taken care so yah I don't doubt as of the recent sponsorship signings his net worth may have jumped.

What other references do we have unless you want to do some forensic accounting. If he has more, definitely good for em. Heck they all deserve it. It's their livelihood to make us fans happy.

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