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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
Roy was never going to run through Carwin. Anyone saying that doesn't have the first clue. It's simply that Carwin hasn't fought in so long, and when he last did, he was demolished by the current HW champion. As someone else once told me, in the eyes of today's fickle MMA fans, you're only as good as your last fight.

Carwin would have made mincemeat out of Nelson.
Run through him? I mean if either guy won it was prolly by running through them. The HW division isn't really about close fights. Roy KOs Carwin early. Or Carwin KO's Roy early. Or Carwin gasses and gets finished.

I think people who think Carwin is a top 10 HW still are delusional. He beat up Frank Mir who sucks vs. that type of opponent. What else? He punches Brock in the face and Brock turtled up? Then he lost anyway? He KO'd the great Gabe Gonzaga? Carwin has massive power, but he hasn't beat any real good HWs. Not that Roy is awesome. But he has experience, has a KO punch himself that seems to land, he has one of the best chins in MMA, he has the BJJ advantage by a mile. It is sad but he has the cardio and speed advantage. He is actually sort of healthy.

I mean people hoping for Carwin to return and be a top 5 HW...are just kidding themselves. He would get trashed by most all of the top 10. At least in my opinion. The only thing I have ever been impressed with from Carwin is his power. He can beat anyone with that on a given day. But he really never was a great MMA fighter.

I really am baffled to see so many hanging on to the prayer that Carwin will even fight again...let alone beat good HWs. Carwin is done and has been done for a while. I have been saying this for a while.

What strikers has he handled? Is Gonzo considered a good striker these days or ever? Is Mir a striker? Is Brock Lesnar a striker? I mean he knocks out punks that can't strike and can't take him down. Carwin would gas through half a round and Roy would find his chin in my opinion.

How is anyone being fickle about Carwin? He never was that impressive. And how can you ignore the fact that he is a broken down, old, slow fighter. He's done..face reality.
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