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Originally Posted by luckbox View Post
Yes, I'd say this is the single most important aspect of low stakes poker, along with bet sizing and disciplined laydowns. People love to call and hate to fold and you should be exploiting this as much as possible.

Bet bigger for value on the turn on the KJ hand. Apart from that well played. Love the value bet on the river.
True, $10 was 40% of the pot. It served as a dual purpose. See where I'm at and to keep em in there. If he re-raised me I didn't commit much. Fifteen might have been the max, then I'm not sure he would have called my $25 on the river. I look to outplay opponents towards the end as I'm a post flop specialist and I can tell you are as well with controlled raises. I hate...HATE going all in pre-flop unless the pot is big enough and I feel I have the best hand. Even still it's lottery poker once it goes in.

You had a hand that people dream of in high stakes cash. Set over set. Til this day I've folded a few sets on major hands that made me shed a tear.

Once I flopped a set on an a diamond board.

Over $2k in already, but I knew my friend flopped some sort of wacky flush. I would have snapped the guy on my left since he was on tilt and probably playing an Ace high diamond draw. I folded and my friend took it down with a Queen high flush with a 7d kicker.

Another time hit a set of 9's with all clubs. Guy goes all in. I was like what the. Had to angle to see what he had then I figured out he actually hit it. But I said f*** it, this guy and I always go to war so I called, he had second nut flush (K high) but I hit my quads. Where's that Steve Carrel gif...hahaha!

It's all about set mining.

PS: Do you multi table.

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