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Hand 1: From the looks of it he prolly thought you were bluffing...lolz. You'd play the same way I I missed I go all in. Fish calls...hehe. The fish believe what they want to believe even though clubs got there, straight got there, etc. But they don't see it. Gotta love those.

Hand 2: I don't think anybody could have gotten out of that hand. Most would have shipped with top pair and nut flush draw, and even Aces up by the turn. Tough one. Shake it off and keep moving.

I remember folding with AQ vs AA, but the set up was different.

It was actually the same guy I took out with my quad 9s. I raise $30 he re-pops to $100 pre-flop. I suspiciously call.

Flop: AK10 rainbow.
He ships $400. Yah I know, massive overbet right. But he's crazy like that.

I folded not too long already putting him on AK minimum. My Q would be useless so four outs is pretty damn slim.

He had a set of Aces. Ironically I would have hit the nut straight on the turn after rabbit hunting. Everyone at the table was like man...that's a really good fold.

As I play more and more I think poker is about making good folds rather than making good calls sometimes. All it takes is to make one bad call and poof there goes your entire bankroll.

Online is notorious for those shitty algorithms which induces a copious amount of bad beats.

Anecdote: Had a friend who wrote to Pokerstars complaining about the bad beats he was getting. True story. Lolz!

EDIT: Just noticed your last response. You use poker tracker. Nine tables is impressive. I max at four because I hate looking at small screens. I like to study what's going on simultaneously. But yah multi-tabling is the way to go collecting VPP points. Did you read about that Italian kid who bought two porches hitting Super Nova Elite status.

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