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Originally Posted by WizeKraker View Post
Too be fair. Most fighters who put on a decent performance in their fights will get at least 3 losses before being cut.

and if they go 0/3 than maybe they ain't ready for that level of competition. Why is there so much shame attached with fighting in other organizations??

yes money is better in the UFC, but if you ain't winning fights you ain't earning to your full potential. Go where you can win and win a lot.

These guys are supposed to be Ultimate Fighters, and to me a guy who sits on the bench saying he'll wait because he's scared. Well to me there just ain't nothing Ultimate about that, just cowardice.

Well.. it depends on how you lose.

if someone gets their ass BEAT DOWN. then yeah.. people will no longer see him as a threat to the top guys.

But Fighters who go to war and lose, could hardly be called cans. Only an uneducated fan would hold that opinion. So i disagree with that point entirely.
Do you remember Gerald Harris?

In July 2010 his KO victory was on Sportscenter and he was riding a win streak, in his next fight he lost it and got caught after.

As for your cowardice claim, well I've already touched on this but what if you had a Travis Browne where you blow your knee out 30 seconds in the fight? What if you and the rest of the world think you've won a clear decision but the judges give it to the other guy?

MMA is not a best of seven series where if you lose one you still get six more cracks to make it to the next round or win the Championship. It's 15 or 25 minutes of your best and as we've seen anything can happen.

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