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Day Ten part two

The buzzer beeps, our gloves touch in respect. The dance begins, at first the 2 of us were content to use footwork to gauge ourselves. After a short time I went on the offensive, you've probably heard use the jab to set up everything in boxing. Well I stuck to the adage, and possibly landed a few of them. I had been taught a combination by jeff yesterday, and was working on throwing it during our time in the ring. I noticed myself throwing a jab, left hook, right but not continuing.

The combo goes like this jab, left hook, right, and a left hook to the body.

For some reason I froze a few times right after the left hook.

I remember opening ben's guard up a few times, one of the times his left hand dropped which allowed a vicious right hand to connect straight on his chin. I know I landed s ome good blows on my partner, and took a little as well.

At one point Ben had thrown some sort of straight punch to my chest that had landed right on my sternum, I remember at this point I had buckled under the impact. I went to my knees and rose up, Jeff comes over and starts a knockout count on me, I got a 4-count then he went through a referee's routine of checking the fighter.

Prior to the chest punch ben had landed some sort of strike that had rattled my brain a bit, after being struck I was waltzing around the ring. I remember Brad pulling me up to him, and was talking to me, he was asking me if I was ok. I was looking him dead on and told him a few times I was good. I remember him asking me if I was lying to him. No....I'm good I want this to go on.

A little while later the 2nd round had ended. This was the 1st true sparring session I've had in boxing.

I recovered for a little time, sat down and took water in.

Once I was good to go, I worked on bags for awhile.

After a bit, one of my friends derik a 215-pound guy asked me to spar with him light. he was wanting to work on defense, where he would avoid the strikes I threw. we went for about 4 rounds.
I had worked the combo jeff had taught me more, and was landing more effectively in the lighter setting. I landed some nice shots.

The final round we had together, I had pulled off a flurry of jabs and straight rights, that forced derik to cover up, I remember throwing about at least 2 dozen strikes straight into the face, some landed others just bounced off his gloves, at one point during the exchange I threw a heavy right hook that landed. I noticed immediately because I'd jammed my right thumb.

after the sparring with Derik, I watched the sparring that was going on in the ring.

At this point Jeff, our boxing coach had asked me to spar with him...he was probably joking and was asking me if I wanted to relax because I was tired...I told him i was game.

We started off, like ben and I did. I land a few strikes jeff lands 1-3 more, I move around or back.....pounce in land a few...he does the same. I know I landed a few nice right hands to the face. I do know I landed a few nice hooks to his body.

I guess I took one hell of a vicious right hand and didn't even budge. I guess I gave him a sledgehammer of a right hook to his body.

Brad had called me a bit afterwords, and was talking about the session with jeff. I guess in his opinion the vicious right hook I'd landed on jeff was the single most powerful blow in the match.

sorry for the delay here, I've had to take a little time to recollect what had gone on.

Throughout life there are bumps along the way some may be painful...others not...who gives a damn in the end you'll still die
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