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Day Eleven
I missed monday due to horrible spasms in my back, I figured after having 3 nasty attacks that a rest day was in order.

I got a call early wednesday morning, asking for help on a tub move, my coach jeff has a part-time business of moving hot-tubs. From 10-2:30 we were working with a hot-tub the guy's estimated at 1,500-2000+ pounds. There were four of us working with the monster. Got home around 3pm, I figured I'd take an hour nap then get food for the coming session, but the next thing I knew was it was mid-night.

I wore my oxygen mask for the run tonight, I don't necessarily know how long a lap is inside the gym...but I wore it for 10 then 5 off, I ended up going 3 cycles like this, and had 10-15 minutes left.
had a half-hour run to warm up, then yoga and circuit drills from a coach that comes in on fridays.
after the main workout for the night I focused on shadow work for nearly 45-minutes, then worked with one of the coaches on very light sparring.

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