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Originally Posted by _CaptainRon View Post
I can see Dana using this as leverage for a fight, but once a replacement has been booked it's damaging. He gambled with JBJ, attempting to pressure him into a fight with Chael, which didn't pay off. However, there is no telling how many replacement fights have been booked because the fighter is afraid to be perceived as weak.
I'm pretty sure if you go back and watch some of his fights you'll hear Goldie and Rogan mention people have turned down Palhares, they don't name drop like Dana does but it's been pointed out that guys have turned him down.

As for if it's right or wrong, I don't really have an issue with it. For example, Mitrione turned down Cormier, well no shit, do you blame him? I don't. Mitrione is realistic about his skills and he knows Cormier would lay a whoopin' on him, I'm not gonna fault the guy for that.

On the other hand I do question Jones' decision to turn down Chael, I understand he didn't want Chael to get a title shot by talking and I got love for Chael but Jones is a nightmare for him, and on eight days notice Jones would have lit him up, badly. I don't think Jones is afraid of Chael, but it does seem "odd", I just don't understand why he'd turn down such a favorable match up.

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