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I’ll let an American poster from another board’s words do the talking here:
Unfortunately that is the backwards logic far too many people over here adhere to.

The framers of the US constitution recognized the detrimental effect of allowing idiots to vote and therefore declared their country a Federal Republic rather than a true Democracy to somewhat protect themselves from the “idiot vote.”

Ironically these same framers understood their constitution was only good for the time in which it was written and so made allowances for it to be amended as times and needs change…hence the second amendment and the right to bear arms. And yet the gun people refuse to acknowledge that the need and time that caused the 2nd amendment to be written has long passed (a British uprising with intent to take back the country) and hang onto this privilege because it is their “constitutional right.”

I am undecided whether this gun argument is truly about guns as it is about idiots standing up for the constitution. However, the general rule of thumb…those who speak the loudest about their constitutional right are the people who understand the least about the rights that paper affords them.

It is difficult to understand how and why the gun culture is so pervasive, but a look at any political campaign will show you just how bad the situation is. Have you heard of the Romney fella who is running for the Republican presidential nomination. He has a history of non–support for the NRA, but now he’s running a campaign he has recently joined and made up stories about his hunting background.

As Bill Maher said, an American can not be made president unless he has a love guns and killing little fluffy things. This is even more the case for a Republican.
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