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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
I think GSP's hesitation had more to do with moving up to 185 and being able to pack on enough muscle to not be at a strength disadvantage. No point fighting the "BJ Penn 185" with a paunch.

What they've been bandying about lately though is a catchweight fight at 180 or 178, and that I think would keep things more fair. Silva would either have to lose some muscle, or come in much more drained from a major weight cut, giving GSP an advantage in spite of his relative smaller size.

I think GSP would be more open to that, based on what he's said. He's always given bulking up as the main reason.
Yeah he probably is more willing to do that but that is still him going up in weight and out of his weight division. GSP thinks going up in weight and then back down can be career changing. So i have doubts that GSP really wants this instead of him being talked in to it. Especially so soon after a long lay off and injury.

Obviously this is just guesses on my part from his past interviews. I guess we will have to wait and see what he says in order to really judge if that is something he wants or if its something Dana is pushing but it is no where near sealed.

Either way though Dana should have waited after the Condit fight to announce this. And IF this fight hasnt been agreed to by both guys then he probably should have waited for that too. lol

If i was Condit i would feel like i am being looked past and maybe even feel like i am hurting potentially the biggest company pay day ever if i get the win. I dunno Condit probably does not care but its just in bad taste IMHO.
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