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Originally Posted by evzbc View Post
Dude it's supply and demand. It's not like Anderson has been pushing for this fight for years. It's GSP fans literally think their favorite fighter stands a chance against the GOAT, so Dana wants to give the fans what they want.

So when Anderson is like "Ok, I'll do it", people are like "He's picking on the lighter guy, what a cheater!!!".

As an Anderson fan, I don't need this fight to happen. I know what will happen. I DO think Jones is an actual challenge but realistically, at his age, he doesn't really have anything left to prove.

And picking a side for these superstars's all sematics.

Anderson hasn't beaten top quality opponents...

GSP got knocked out by Matt Serra and doesn't finish fights...

Jon Jones has beaten has beens and smaller fighters...

You can make any of them sound less impressive. But if we as fight fans get to see any of them fight, then we're all winners.

I just don't trust what Dana White says these days. Didn't he literally JUST say that Silva would fight Bones in 2013???
Nailed to perfection.
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