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Originally Posted by Emericanaddict View Post
I still just worry that GSP is much to small for Anderson who can make 205 with relative ease.
Lets see if Jones will be able to maintain 205 when he is above 35 years old. Anderson used to be as skinny as Condit, but most of casual fans(not referring to you) will forget or never knew how he skinny was before.

Now, to make weight is an special gift+dedication, but haters will still use that against Anderson, who came from 170, stablished at 185 and even at 38 can go up to 205 and back never failing the scale. Anyway, it's not like he is bulking muscles to make 205. GSP is a way more muscular individual than Anderson.

Now if he fools another MW contender, ppl complain. Now if he faces GSP, ppl complain. Geez...

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