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Originally Posted by DrFunk View Post
I hope Dana is wearing Diapers come fight night on Saturday. Someone should zoom in on Dana's face if GSP wins. You'll see the look of a man just jizzing all over his pants at the thought of all the mad $$$$$$$ he'll rake over this super fight. Never mind if it's a good fight, or that AS is too big for GSP. This will be the MMA fight of our generation, our Ali vs Frazier. Boxing has yet to showcase Mayweather vs Pacman but if this super fight were to happen a lot of new casual fans would jump on the bandwagon. Making the sport maybe a bit more palatable to those who find it barbaric.
Actually that would be Silva vs. Bones, I tell you Silva is a miss-match for GSP, it would suck to see every1 get hyped up so much for a quick 1st round thrashing, Jones/Silva would at least be a good fight.....

Better yet, even as a GSP fan I hope Condit pulls off the upset tonight, but we will probably see GSP take him down and control him for 5 rounds and get the UD. I as a GSP fan am tired of the same oh song, I honestly want to see GSP finish him, or get finished himself.....

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