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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
He has never went above 170 because he doesn't care to take a chance. He could easily make 185 if he allowed himself to get fat like Anderson. Yea, Anderson makes 205 with ease...because he is a fat version of himself.

Anderson has been at 168, 175, 185, 205. GSP has never had a fight outside of 170...up or down.

You all are crazy if you believe Dana is just making fights. If you guys really don't think behind closed doors GSP has said he would do that fight. Of course Dana and GSP have talked about it. Probably while GSP was out. GSP knows this. He knows that is his next fight...and he has probably has verbally agreed to it.
This. There's no way Dana would allow Silva to enter the cage and challenge GSP without GSP's approval. If this fight does happen, it will be because both men want it.
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