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Originally Posted by RedRocket44 View Post
I predict that if Silva ends up thrashing GSP in the first round he will start to lay off and revert to his style of letting the other fighter push the pace. He's done this on numerous occasions (Maia, Griffin, etc) and prefers the counter-punching style. I think one of the worst outcomes to happen would be for Dana to bill this as the best two fighters ever, and then it ends like the first UFC on Fox event. If people don't already think Dana is full of shit, that would be the icing on the cake.

GSP has either been injured (He fought Shields with 1 eye for half the fight due to Shields eyepoking him all night long, and he fought Alves with an injured groin) or he's left his opponent much worse for wear than himself and nearly finished them (Koscheck, Hardy, Fitch).

He's put everything into his last 5-6 fights, he just had an unlucky set of cards if you ask me.
I already said GSP is my fav fighter, having said that, I make no excuses for any1 including GSP, whether what you say is true or not, he is a fighter and has not finished anyone in long time. I am ready for the WW division to be shaken up a bit even if that means GSP losing, although I would rather see him get the finish. Thats crazy, a GSP finish would shake up the division

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