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I was generalizing. I should have said many of his fans.

GSP is the most calculated guy in the sport. He says and thinks his knee is 100%. So if he gets in the cage tonight, he is ready.

Most all fighters and trainers don't believe in ring rust. So not sure how people can use it. Condit hasn't fought since February? Not as long as GSP...but what about his ring rust?

I don;t hear a lot of people say "oh Penn was small". GSP gets tons of credit for that win. I use that fight as an example when people say Anderson is picking on a smaller...because between Sherk, Serra, and Penn GSP has made a name off smaller fighters. Maybe I haven't talked to the right people, but people gave him a lot of credit for dominating Penn after Penn beat him up in the first fight.

What exactly would he out muscle him by? May come into play on defending TDs. But Anderson isn't going to Couture him against the cage or look to take him down and hold him. If GSP fans want to get all giddy over him taking one of the best wrestlers in all of MMA...who competes at 205 down in practice...then what is the problem?

I'm associating the 10-20 posters here that already are crying about size. And then the ones that think GSP will win now...but will then join that group when GSP loses. There is a big % who thinks it is very fair. But also a good % that doesn't. No doubt in my mind...because there has already been so many threads on it...that after the fight there would be thread after thread complaining about the size and then telling us Anderson is a chicken and why doesn't he go fight Bones. Which he might do eventually. Can't fight GSP, Weidman, and Bones all at the same time..
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