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Round 1 - Referee Marc-Andre Cote refs this featherweight fight. Elkins leads with a jab, and they trade early. Siler favors a few hooks, but gets tagged on the counter. Elkins resets and advances while taking a leg kick. Counter brings landed shot for Elkins, who's doing well on the back end of exchanges. Elkins charges and the two hit the cage. Knees from Elkins. Siler works to escape but is stuffed. More knees land in close for Elkins, and he grabs a body lock for a takedown. Siler passes to side guard, but adjustment puts him in Siler's guard. Elkins postures up and fires down a punch, then stands overhead and lands a few more bombs. Siler misses upkick and gives up side mount briefly. Elkins back in half-guard, headlocks Siler's neck. Let's it go, and more ground and pound from Elkins. Siler kicks free and stands, but Elkins grabs him and takes him back to mat. Siler kicks off a punch and hints at triangle, and Elkins grabs his neck in a scramble. A few rolls, and Elkins still has the headlock. A few beats, and he lets it go as 10-second clapper sounds. A punch up top for Elkins ends the frame, which scores 10-9 for Elkins.

Round 2 - Siler advances with a lower stance, and paws a jab. Elkins combo misses. Siler plants for a leg kick, and Elkins springs for takedown. Again, Elkins postures up and throws a few bombs. Siler kicks him off, but he's back in. Another sequence of the same, and Elkins takes the back as Siler attempts to right himself. He's got the position, but Siler escapes. They're up against the cage with Elkins working punches, and the two sink back to the mat. Hand-fighting. Elkins winging punches, and Siler attempting to defend from both choke and strikes. He wings an elbow and punch backward. 1:45 to go. Elkins adjusts and lands more punches. He goes palm-to-palm and then adjusts for rear-naked, but Siler gives thumbs up. His face is turning beet-red from the punches Elkins is landing at his back. 30 seconds left, and Elkins not only has choke position but body triangle. Somehow, Siler is not going out. Quite impressive, but this round is all Elkins for another 10-9 score. 20-18 Elkins.

Round 3 - A marked-up Siler lands a jab, and Elkins swings wild in response. No more kicks from Siler. The two trade jabs. Elkins ducks down and Siler misses a knee. Elkins' still swinging with big punches, but missing more. Siler finds mark with a combo. But when he leaps in with a knee, Elkins once again grabs him and takes him to the mat. Elkins stands overhead at cage, but this time, Siler uses links to stand, taking a knee to the body in the process. Elkins wants him back down, but peels off, the two exchanging a punch on the back end. Right hook for Elkins lands. Elkins shoots from the open and is initially stuffed, but adjusts, changes angles and gets it done. Elkins in guard again working big shots from up top. Two minutes left. Elkins passes to half-guard and grabs Siler's head again. Let's it go. Siler working high guard, and a few punches. Locks in rubber guard. Elkins is unimpressed and stands overhead. Siler rolls free when he misses from up top. Elkins ducks under Siler's first punch and takes them back down. He's on Siler's back at the cage edge. Silers turns to him and takes a shot as Elkins retreats. Siler with a combo, and immediately a takedown attempt. He stuffs it with headlock, and audience senses a possible submission. No dice, and round ends with another 10-9 tally for Elkins, who sweeps it 30-27. Darren Elkins def. Steven Siler via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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