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Originally Posted by RedRocket44 View Post
This is probably one of the few times I'll agree with LyotoLeigon, and you never really addressed his point.

Silva has fought at 205 and done just fine, GSP has never fought above 170, and is quite a bit smaller than Silva.

If Anderson has nothing left to prove then why does he want to fight GSP so bad? A lot of "p4p" lists actually have GSP at #3, behind Silva and JBJ. JBJ would be the more challenging fight, and it infuriates me to see the supposed #1 fighter duck away from his biggest challenge yet.
The fact Anderson went three times to LHW is his green card to go down to WW any time he pleases. SURE Anderson vs Jones is what we all want to see, but first things first. Seniority matters and when we first heard about a superfight betwen Anderson and GSP NO ONE in this forum had any clue Jon Bones Jones was. Seniors first, kids later.

Ridiculous to believe Anderson is ducking Jones. Why so many forget Jones aways said he didn't want to fight Anderson? If Jones calls out Anderson and Anderson refuses, then you can talk about ducking.

Money wise this sequence makes all sense. If Anderson fights Jones first, winning or losing, a fight against GSP, that today is said to be not appealing for many already, would be very hard to sell.

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