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Round 1 - Referee Yves Lavigne third man in cage for this welterweight fight. Southpaw fight gets started slowly. Maguire in with a kick. Riddle returns with a jab. Riddle lands big right that knocks Maguire off balance. Body kick from Riddle. Maguire in with a two-punch combo. Riddle counters on next attempt and lands. Another glancing body kick for Riddle, who deflects kick and counters on next exchange. Riddle jabs in. Right hand lands big for Maguire. Riddle's body kick caught. Sneaky right for Riddle. A lot of fits and starts in first round, not much big. Left hand for Riddle lands. Riddle launches back leg at Maguire when his other one is caught. Audience loves that. Maguire still unfazed. Riddle tries the same back kick when next leg kick is caught and takes a few punches when Maguire adjusts. They hit the cage, and Riddle is hinting at takedown. Maguire grabs a collar tie as they walk across octagon and lets it go. Back to sparring. Riddle blocks takedown attempt. Maguire with straight left into clinch, gets pushed away when he leaps with knee. Maguire changing levels a lot, but so far, he's not getting to Riddle's legs. Round ends with a whimper, but it goes to Riddle, 10-9.

Round 2 - Riddle misses counter on first exchange. Maguire with big leg kick. Riddle presses in with a hook. Front kick for Riddle. Maguire with another leg kick. Big left for Maguire on two-punch combo. Riddle advances to counter. They wind up clinched at cage with Riddle working the knees. Riddle peels off, and we're back in open range. Misses for both. Neither fighter committing much to combinations. Two nice lefts from Maguire who's suddenly lighting Riddle up. But when he kicks, Riddle catches it and puts him on the mat. Riddle pauses, then throws down a big punch. Riddle working around Maguire's outstretched legs. He flops into guard, and it's body-body-head time. Maguire with butterfly guard lifts him off, and Lavigne stands them up at Riddle's behest. Maguire presses to the cage and lets his hands go, but Riddle catches him again and pushes him to the cage. Maguire pushes him off and lands a leg kick. Right hand lead hook lands for Riddle. Another right for Maguire, who catches Riddle's neck when he pitches forward. Riddle escapes and lets him off cage. The two go toe to toe against the cage, with Maguire countering and landing just a bit better. Crowd loves it. Riddle touches gloves at the round's end. scores the frame 10-9 for Maguire.

Round 3 - Riddle advances with a jab to the body. Nice counter hook off the jab for Riddle. Jab lands for Riddle. Maguire backs off a flurry and resets. Maguire punches into a clinch and lands a right hand that gets Riddle's attention. They exchange hard jabs. Riddle backs him against cage, but we don't get a slugfest. Kick to the body for Riddle. Riddle counters leg kick with punch, and he's on the move. They both miss in follow up exchanges. Maguire with that left hand again. Riddle jab keeps him back. Leg kick for Maguire. And for Riddle, who next goes to the body. He's got the center of the cage far more in this round. Maguire still looking for that big left as Riddle diddles. Riddle corners him and lands a nice combo. Maguire shoots and gets stuffed against the cage. Riddle hoists for a takedown and knees the legs when Maguire denies. Double undercooks for Riddle. Less than a minute to go. Lavigne calls for action. Riddle misses a trip, and then suddenly peels off. Maguire lands jab and gets waved in by Riddle, who shoots in for a takedown. Maguire grabs his neck and rolls for a guillotine, but by the time he's rolled Riddle, the round is kaput. Very close round, but Riddle gets it 10-9 for a 29-28 win. Matthew Riddle def. John Maguire via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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